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Antenna Combiner: AC-32

  • Model:AC-32

Product Introduction



Antenna Combiner : 
Combine 16/32 antennas into 1 antenna 
AC-16 : 16 ports 
AC-32 : 32 ports  

10m or 20m cable  
Omni Antenna or Yagi Antenna


Major function
A joint antenna for numbers of transceivers to reduce the interference.

Every set of AC-32 accepts 32 sets of transceivers at most. While the transceivers are more than 32 sets, AC-32 can be serial connected for expanding.

1 year warranty

Frequency range:800MHZ-1900MHZ
Isolating degree:>=18db
V.S.W.R:<= 3
Size:Width:48cm(19"), depth:24cm, height: 4.45cm(1u)
If you want to combine the antennas(16-32 sets) of GSM Gateways into extra Omni High Gain Antenna ,
you can purchase option Antenna Combiner(AC-32) and Omni Antenna or Yagi Antenna + 10m cable 


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