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IS-382 is 2 port IP Audio Gateway.  Easy upgrade from traditions broadcasting system to IP broadcasting system 


Option: IP Broadcasting System

User can broadcast announcements to a group of office or branch or classes
IBS-5: handle 5 pcs IS serial devices
IBS-10: handle 10 pcs IS serial devices
IBS-20: handle 20 pcs IS serial devices
IBS-40: handle 40 pcs IS serial devices
IBS-60: handle 60 pcs IS serial devices
IBS-80: handle 80 pcs IS serial devices
IBS-200: handle 200 pcs IS serial devices




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  • Internet Audio Receiver with IP

  • With RJ-45 port of standard 10/100Mbit Ethernet;

    It can make simple settings via browser with WEB interface

  • With fixed IP, DHCP and PPPoE, it can link to the internet.

  • There are two independent sets of 3.5mm audio output ports that can connect independently to amplifier audio inputs (AUX IN) and convey the sound to the speaker via amplifier.

  • It can output the different scheduled broadcasting or voice broadcasting from the broadcasting system separately.

  • Two independent sets of control output normally open (NO) can separately link amplifiers with external start functions.

  • It supports the compression encoding format of the voice processing agreement G.711

  • It can simultaneously register 3 broadcasting system hosts.

  •  *Open API for software integration














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