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Smart Power Monitor

The Smart Power Monitor SP-8H (8 ports) is a Remote Control Surveillance Management System that can power on / off / Reboot via PSTN and Web.

Work with PORTech MT-350 GSM Gateway,you can power switch via mobile phone

SP-8H has MASTER model and SLAVE model
One MASTER model can string up 15pcs SLAVE model
SLAVE model price is cheaper than MASTER Model.
Function is the same.

Catalog (1.9MB) Manual (1.8MB) Catalog_All type difference (2.7MB)

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Features / Benefits

  • Control Power Switch of Remote Equipment via network or phone voice to replace the presence of the personnel.
  • LED face board to inspect current equipment ID ,Main Current and each Router Current directly.
  • It can be linked with 16 sets monitors at maximum to control up to 128 sets of connected devices.
  • Detect whether two sets of power circuit are normal automatically.
  • It is equipped with overloading electric breaking protector to avoid overloading to cause device damage.
  • It can be attached temperature detector to control the power switch according to environment change.
  • Execute Power On / Off / Reboot via Console to manage its performance.
  • Support nearby Manual Power Switch.
  • Support Power Start sequence setting to prevent all of switches from starting simultaneously to cause sudden overloading and effect equipment working.
  • Provide 20 sets of accounts and passwords for your own setting to manage different power switches.
  • Pre-set Switch Start Time and arrange the working schedule for power supply.
  • Support Windows,Linux to execute the safety shot-down and avoid system damage.
  • Support Wake on Ring function. ATX equipment can be started normally.
  • Detect whether the power current of all routes are normal or not to avoid current overloading to damage the device.
  • By brief message and email warning to practice the instant surveillance and warning to important equipment.
  • Record the user's operating message and abnormal message to provide the user to check the case afterwards.
  • Provide API interface. The manager can develop the control software by himself.
  • Each rout can detect UPS low power signal to provide safety shut-down management for the equipment.
  • Provide remote net firmware to renew the function.
  • Provide the function of IP and MAC address flitter that prevent unauthorized user from access the device.
    Device Connect Diagram

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