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de Roaming gratuito,ATA
FTA-102L PG-101
FTA-102 is a free roaming gateway.
When you go abroad with FTA-102L, all incoming calls of your original mobile phone are free of charge. FTA-102L provide free roaming fee for international inbound calls. When you are on business travel oversea, your coworkers, friends, family, and clients can just call your original mobile phone number to reach you. This is of enormous benefit for user, you don’t’ need to use others country phone access number. Also, it’s simply and easy to send from your original mobile phone while traveling/abroad.

*FTA-102L must connect with MV-370.

Please note:

FTA-102L must register proxy server "message Server".
E.g. the free server we recommend, IPTel, with this feature. 
Because FTA-102L use DHCP,  it can carry to everywhere you like.

That case, you won't able to know the exact IP for FTA, so it need to use "message server" which can send back FTA IP to MV-37X


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PG-101 is a well-designed, high performance personal gateway, a VoIP adapter with FXS, FXO interface.  It is a device that converts analog voice signals into digital IP packets for transport over an IP network. It also converts digital IP packets in analog voice streams. Connects your phones or PBX via FXS port and connects your POTS (PSTN) line via FXO. The benefit is for transferring traditional PBX to get low cost of VOIP services.

Catalog (230KB)   User manual Download     
How to buy?
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de Roaming gratuito,ATA
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